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Kraken is a large hypermarket of goods and services that many users like to visit. And no matter how hard other trading platforms try to lure visitors to themselves, they just can’t do it. It's all about the unique site features. We will talk about them on our website.

Purchases on the site occur without any restrictions on the quantity of goods. Site visitors are waiting for additional goodies from the creators:

  1. The easiest way to register. We fill in two columns - password and login. We do not use existing ones. Everything is new. Your personal account automatically appears as soon as you log in to the system. To make a purchase, you must leave the location of delivery of goods and pay for purchases with cryptocurrency from the Kraken electronic wallet.
  2. Online stores can be visited 24/7 without any prior appointments. Site visitors are residents of different countries, including the CIS.
  3. Each Anyone can become a seller if special requirements are met. Therefore, the number of stores on the site increases exponentially.
  4. Great delivery methods to choose from buyer: mail, treasure or the arrival of a courier to your door.
  5. The buyer can always challenge the quality of the goods. For this, arbitration was created on the website.
  6. Complete anonymity and security when ordering unusual goods or services

    The developers of the Kraken, accessed at , are said to be the forefathers of the legendary Hydra, which is why they managed to create a site that users like so much . Marketplace is nicely designed, easy to use and has a strict set of rules that protect decent people from scammers.< /em>

    Few trading platforms can boast such reliability and such a reverent approach to their clients. All commodity-money transactions take place under the strict control of the administration. If the seller, having received the money on his own account, does not send the goods to the buyer or tries to slip goods of poor quality, this is easily detected and stopped, and the money is returned to the buyer's account. If the buyer decided to cheat and received the goods, and he himself wrote on the site that it was not there, he will not receive the money back. Such an arbitrage system on works like clockwork and allows the participants in the transaction to feel protected.